Kythera, 2004



  • Three – days festival in “Athens School for Fine Arts”
  • 1st Festival of Musical Improvisation organised by IRMA (Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics) with contribution of the “ministry of Culture” and Athens Municipal”
  • 1st and 2nd International Exhibition of Comics organized by “Vavel” Editions.
  • “Ten - days Meet of young Musicians” in “Praxis” Conservatory organised by the General Secretary ship for New Generation.
  • 1st Greek Christmas Early Music Festival at the Goethe Institute of Athens city.


  • Editions “Gnosi” for the presentation of the book “Carmina Burana – Veris et Amoris” by Mrs Stella Georgala Priovolou, Professor of Athens University
  • Three – days in “Fournos” Theater in cooperation with the “Vacalo” school of fine Arts and the painter N. Klironomos.
  • Municipal Cultural Centres of Cholargos, Agii Anargyri, Drosia and Mendenitsa cities.
  • Three times at “Fortetsa” Castle in borders of the Renaissance Festival of Rethymno city (Crete) (1997, 1999, 2001).
  • Two times at the “Arcade of Books” festival organized by the “Educational Society” (1997, 1999).
  • Medieval Castles of Argos, Monemvasia and Lamia cities invited by the corresponding municipal authorities.
  • Mediterranean Agronomical Institute of Chania city (Crete).
  • Three times at the Kithira Island, invited by the municipal authorities (1998, 2000, 2006).
  • Seven – days concerts at the “Half Note – Jazz Club”
  • First concert of the “Synaxis” composition for the Lyrae Cantus ensemble by the composer P. Leftheris.
  • Three days street performances at the Old Town of Rethymno city.
  • Participation as performers at the 2nd Composing Workshop at the Kithira Island.
  • In collaboration with the “Early Music Ensemble” of the Music Studies Department of the Ionian University, educational concerts of medieval music for the secondary schools students of Cyprus.
  • Educational concerts for elementary and secondary pupils, in broad and abroad Athens city.

Lyrae Cantus (Form of Multi – Art Creation) ensemble began its creative path on winter of 1995. Its pursuit is to study and perform Medieval and Renaissance European Secular Music.

In the borders of Multi – Art creation, Lyrae Cantus has presented Cycles from Medieval and Renaissance Music such as Carmina Burana, Llibre Vermell, Canticum Canticorum, Laudi Spiritualli, Cancioneros da Palacio and Lute Songs.

Lyrae Cantus ensemble consists of six founding members that play authentic medieval and renaissance instruments (violas da gamba, recorders, lutes percussion), recite and participate in vocals. From time to time it has continues to cooperate with singers, performers and ensembles specialized in Medieval and Renaissance music (Greek Early Music Workshop, Vocal Ensemble “Emmeleia”).















Multi Art Performances
  • “Boccacio – Decahmeron” ten days musical theatre performances at the “Politia” theater.
  • “Boccacio – Decahmeron” at the “Fortetsa” Castle for the Renaissance Festival of Rethymno city.
  • Commedia del Arte play “Sylvio Innamorato” at the “Megaron” Athens Music Hall, “Erofili” theatre of Rethymno city, Municipal Cultural Centre of Trikala city and “Amphiaria” festival, in collaboration with the “Anisihi Theatrinoi” actors’ team which is specialized in commedia den arte.
  • Commedia del Arte play “Stingy remains always alone” at the “National Opera House” in cooperation with the “Anisihi Theatrinoi” actors’ team.

Other Activities

  • Recording and music production of the composition “Sinaxis” by the composer Panayotis Leftheris – “Catelouso”, Cd label by the “Sirius” Records.
  • Soundtrack Recording of Shakespeare’s play “All's Well That Ends Well”, composed by the composer Mr. A. Michailidis and directed by Mr. G. Michailidis for the National Theatre of Northern Greece.
  • Soundtrack Recording of “El Greco” movie, Hellenic - spanish production, directed by Mr. G. Smaragdis.
  • Videotaping for the “ERT – digital” channel, in borders of television show dedicated to Greek Poetry.