Live with electronics:

SPINSTER DIAMANDA for solo flute and tape/CD for flutist Katerina Zenz.

SHADOWS IN TIME  One hour duration project with use of multimedia and live music, made for 1st Photographic Encounters of Kythera.

AUTOPSY duet for bassoon, piano and tape/CD written for Duo Palmos.Video by Maria Schina.

AUTOPSY duet for tenor saxophone, piano and tape/CD Video by Maria Schina.

TLON- THE STONE MIRRORS - for two violins and tape/CD

PALEOCHORA  - for four soprano recorders and tape/CD, for Malle Symen Quartet.




TO GHAITANI  for string orchestra, brass band and musical reciting.

BEYOND THE SEA for two female voices and piano, based on poetry by George Leftheris.

TAPES & PHOTOS 3 pieces for flute, soprano saxophone and piano alternate with  3 videos by Maria Schina.

TAPES & PHOTOS 3 pieces for flute, clarinet in Bb and piano alternate with  3 videos by Maria Schina.

MNEMES for orchestra, written for Athens Youth Symphonic Orchestra. Video by Maria Schina.           

A LITTLE SPRING DREAM - for orchestra

PROVENZA (a clangorous fog) - for flute, clarinet, bassoon, viola, cello and percussion.                                                                                              

FIVE SMALL PIECES FOR STRING QUARTET A commission from the Greek Composers Assosiation.

MINOA 2 - for 13 performers. A commission from the Royal Ensemble of Koninklijk Conservatorium.

RAINDROPS ARE FALLING - for soprano saxophone, vibraphone, trombone, violoncello and double bass

MINOA 1 ( moon like blood ) - for 14 performers.

EVENING EXPECTATION - for four cellos.

FINISTRINI - songs for choir on poems of George Leftheris. They were performed by the Choir of the Music High School of Frankfurt in September of 1999 in the Cultural Center of Kythera, Greece.



MURMURS & LULLABIES  for Alto Saxophone (and not only) performer. For Stella Arabatzoglou.

SONATINA - for piano

BALKAN BLUES - a solo piano piece written for Dutch pianist Marcel Worms.



PAGANA - for clarinet and percussion. A commission from Dutch clarinetist Paul Kaiser.

THRUMBI THRIMVI AND THIMON for two bass flutes. For Carine Levin and Katerina Zenz.

MATEOSIS  for bass clarinet and piano



LITHOI - electronic composition with use of image and sound based on photographs by John Stathatos.

RAMIFICATION - an electronic piece for the 7- minute video movie of Maria Schina.

ELEON - an electronic piece for a 6-minute video movie of Maria Schina.

ICE - an electronic piece for a 6-minute video movie of Maria Schina.